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At Kelsey Feinstein Counselling I hope to ensure that your experience is meaningful, safe and empowering. I pride myself on establishing trust and safety with all Parts of you! I also hold the stance that I am not the expert rather YOU are the expert in your life and I am here helping you navigate the journey. I hold the perspective that all clients have the ability to live healthy and fulfilling lives, but sometimes need support to realize their inner strength & potential.


I will strive to meet your needs by offering a flexible schedule, which includes offering evening appointments. I hold all sessions over video to make the process of engaging in sessions easier for you.

Services may help you:

1. Access inner compassion and curiosity;

2. Access a more open heart;

3. Provide more choice in your responses;

4. Provide deeper clarity and understanding; 

5. Access a felt sense of presence and connect with your authentic Self;   

6. Strengthen your relationships with Self and others. 




Step One: Services start with a phone call or email to Kelsey Feinstein Counselling. I will be happy to answer any questions that you might have about getting the process started.

Step Two: Once you make the initial phone call you will be invited to a first session to discuss your concerns in more detail. The first few sessions you will be asked questions about your presenting concerns and past to support me in understanding you.


Step Three: The information gathered in our first few sessions will be used to make a plan for services, which will be reviewed with you. The remainder of sessions will focus on processing and working through your presenting concerns. The duration of services depends on your individual needs.

Confidentiality: Confidentiality is imperative at Kelsey Feinstein Counselling. All interactions with me are kept confidential except where Kelsey Feinstein Counselling is required by law to break confidentiality. Confidentiality will be discussed in your first appointment.  

Frequency/Length: Appointments are typically 50 minutes in length. You will meet with me weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, determined by identified needs and recommendations. 

Ending Services: Services are completely voluntary and you can withdraw at any time. Typically services will come to a natural end when your goals have been met. Services may also end if your circumstances have changed and are beyond my scope of practice. Additionally services may end if my circumstances change. I encourage us to have a final session so we can discuss what was accomplished and any recommended next steps. Referrals or alternative supports can be provided to you at your request.

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.

- Brene Brown 


Mon- Fri 10am- 8pm

100 King Street West Suite 5700

Toronto, Ontario, M5X 1C7

Tel: 647-250-7769

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