Individual Services

Life is stressful and daily experiences can cause a variety of Parts to surface, which may cause us feel overwhelmed, confused, angry, and experience a low mood (among other things). You may have had a plan for your life, but feel you are not moving in that direction and things are feeling chaotic. 

Counselling may support you in moving in a direction that makes sense for your system, fulfills your potential, heals  past hurts, moves you out of stuckness, and allows you to process past or present situations. Counselling can support you in coming to a fuller understanding of your Self and your patterns from a non-judgmental place. 

Sessions will allows you to talk about your concerns with someone who can guide you to access your Self, allowing you to understand all your Parts and respond to changes and difficulties with more curiosity, compassion, courage and clarity. Services will allow you to talk in a judgment free space, develop a deeper connection with your Self, increase your self awareness, bring unconscious experiences to consciousness, enhance self compassion towards your inner system, enhance clarity, and process emotional experiences to bring healing and harmony to your own life.


Hopelessness, Stress, Burnout and Worry

Does it seem like there is just never enough time? Do you feel like you are struggling to get a break? Do you constantly feel tired or resigned? Do you have constant negative thoughts? Lets work together to figure out how we can create balance and harmony in your system and connect you to the values that are most important to you! I believe we all do the best that we can with the resources that we have. I also feel that you have the resources in your system to support you in bringing calmness, clarity and compassion to your inner and outer world. Sometimes we just need some support accessing our inner resources!  


Lets work together to help you to honor all your Parts ( not just the Part that wants you to be productive). Lets figure out why your your productivity part is so strong - perhaps it is connected to a part that feels worthlessness.


Lets heal your system so that you can feel hope again! Lets figure out why being hopeless may be a protective part of your system and get more clarity.

Lets access your Self and gain some space from Parts, so that you can work through difficulties with courage, and get through challenges with confidence!

Work-Life Balance

Is work taking over your life? Are you feeling unhappy, disconnected, feel like you have lost yourself to your job?

Lets talk about honoring all parts of yourself, being compassionate with yourself, and move towards the life that you dreamed about and finding more balance! Lets honor all of your Parts and their good intentions!

Is Your Inner Critic Taking Over?

We all have a Critical Part that tells us we should or should not or we are not good enough. Lets get curious about this part and figure out its positive intention so that it can be a consultant in your system and not be as harsh and loud!

Attachment Wounds

We all have attachment wounds from our history. Lets heal the Parts of you that are stuck in the past holding the Pain of attachment wounds. Lets help Parts integrate into your system so you can be more Self Led! Your symptoms may be rooted in childhood wounding and your system is trying to protect you! We can help heal the wounds so the protector Parts don't have to work so hard! Lets work on healing from the inside.

Emotion, Relationships and 

Do you feel distance from the folks around you? Do you feel like you cant reach out to others? Do you feel emotions are taking over?   I will support you with processing past pains and healing attachment wounds that are impacting your capacity to live a meaningful life and connect with others. I will work to help you regain emotional balance, trust your Self, engage fully with others, and transform by helping out all of your Parts allowing you to  having a more liberated and harmonious system. Lets learn to speak for our Parts and not from them.

Self Discovery

Do you feel like you are unsure who you are? Do you often feel blended with different aspects of your personality or feel you are taking on extreme roles? 

I am here to support you in recognizing your potential and holding space to explore your system which may have been impacted by difficult past experiences. As we hold a calm, curious, and compassionate stance to your patterns, you will  be able to have less judgment towards yourself, allowing you to experience felt empowerment and clarity. 

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