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Life is stressful & daily experiences can cause a variety of aspects of your personality to surface, which may cause you to feel overwhelmed, confused, angry, or experience a low mood (among other things). We all have different voices, emotions, thoughts, and patterns inside of us that impact our internal and external world. It may even feel that you have an emotion or impulse that you cant control; and as a result, you are constantly fighting with yourself or upset with yourself for not being able to change!


I hope to support you in turning down the volume of this inner dialogue so it might be less extreme, in hopes of helping you access more authenticity, clarity, joy, and connection.  Additionally, I hope to support you in developing a less hostile relationship with your thoughts, feelings and emotions so that you can have a more confident self concept that is not rooted in worthlessness. It would be an honor to support you in interacting with your inner world differently so perhaps you will feel less inner turmoil and an increased sense of confidence towards yourself as well as improve your interpersonal relationships. 

My services may support you in understanding the positive intentions that underlay seemingly maladaptive thoughts, behaviors, patterns, or emotions. I believe if we approach your system with curiosity we will learn the true function of your symptoms.  You may gain inner courage, so that you can move in a direction that is Self led by accessing your inner wisdom. Services may also help you gain more awareness of inner resources, heal past wounds, move you out of stuckness, encourage you to hold open heartedness, develop a deeper connection with yourself, increase your self awareness, bring unconscious experiences to consciousness, enhance self compassion and bring healing and harmony to you by coming to a fuller understanding of your self.

Perhaps we can find the healing energy that lives inside of you 


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Does it seem like there is never enough time? Do you feel like you are struggling to get a break? Do you feel tired or resigned? Do you have negative thoughts? Perhaps we can work together to figure out how we can create balance and harmony in your system by understanding the positive intention behind these symptoms & accessing your inner intuition. Perhaps you can learn to love yourself and unload the negative thoughts and beliefs you are holding. 


We all have attachment wounds from our history. Perhaps we can heal the Parts of you that are holding pain from the past, alleviate protective adaptations, & help all Parts trust your inner leadership.


Do you ever fight with a loved one and then afterwards feel awful or wonder who said all those hurtful things? Do you recall how you transformed into another personality ( your thinking changed, your posture, your movements, your voice), like you were hijacked. Perhaps we can support you to understand this inner fighter so that you can take the lead with your relationships rather then it trying to protect you. 


Is work taking over your life? Are you feeling unhappy, disconnected, feel like you have lost yourself to your job? Do you find you are avoiding things by working all the time, or structuring your life in such a way that ensure nothing bad/triggering happens? Do you strive to prove your worth and value, act perfectly, and control all outcomes?

Lets talk about honoring all Parts of you, providing you with choices, & being compassionate towards yourself. 


Perhaps you have an inner critic that is loud. I wonder why your critic is so committed to making you feel worthless? Perhaps we can get to know what it fears would happen if it let you feel good about yourself? Perhaps your inner critic is trying hard to motivate you? Perhaps its trying to help in some way so you are not rejected? Lets get curious about this Part and figure out its positive intention, so that it may be a consultant in your system and not be as harsh and loud! You don't have to be forever hounded by your inner critic in your head! What if we could turn your critical voice into a supportive voice.


Do you feel distance from the folks around you? Do you feel like you cant trust or reach out to others?  Perhaps we can process past pain and heal attachment wounds that are impacting you. I hope to help you regain emotional balance, trust yourself, & speak for your Parts, so that you have more choice! Perhaps we can help you to bring more clarity and confidence to your relationships. 


Do you feel like you are unsure who you are?  I would be honored to support you in accessing your inner wisdom  and cultivating a more harmonious inner landscape with you. Perhaps supporting you in accessing more clarity, curiosity, & compassion.


When you think about taking a risk, what does your mind say? Perhaps something inside says it wont work out and undermines you. Perhaps we can work together to see if this inner pessimist is actually trying to protect from making mistakes.


Mon- Fri 10am- 8pm

100 King Street West Suite 5700

Toronto, Ontario, M5X 1C7

Tel: 647-250-7769

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