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Journey Towards Self Healing

Imagine what your life would be life if you were able to heal from deep historical pain, increasing your inner compassion, and create permanent personality shifts.

I am so happy you are here, 

It is courageous of you to be reaching out and taking your first steps towards healing your system and developing innerstanding.


Perhaps you struggling to navigate adulthood? Perhaps you, like most of us, have some days where you dislike yourself, experience inner criticism, shame, feel not good enough, or hold regret? Perhaps you feel flawed or broken, experience stress, anxiety, depression, difficulty in relationships, anger, and are struggling to find harmony and balance.

Wherever you are right now, I welcome you. I operate from the belief that underneath all of this, at your core, you are inherently loving, good, compassionate, full of wisdom, and inner strength. While you might not believe me, I deeply know that you are more then just your extreme ways of acting, feeling, or behaving; and if you decide to work with me, I would be honored to support you in accessing this inner loving, good, and wise resource in your system.

I also hold the belief that extreme ways of being are perfectly normal adaptations that your system developed as a means to try & protect you. I know that these extremes are not all of you.


I hope to be able to support you to access & uncover your inner goodness, presence, confidence, courage, & compassion so that you can live a more present life, heal, engage in self discovery, and transform. 


I welcome all aspects of you, with compassion & curiosity to nurture your transformation. Through holding a supportive non-judgmental space, I hope to bring harmony and long lasting change to your system.


Lets help you heal today!

“Self Acceptance is the ongoing process of welcoming all Parts and banishing none. When we pursue the ideal of self acceptance we also gain the freedom to live by curiosity, exploration and inclusion." 

- Richard C Schwartz & Martha Sweezy Internal Family Systems 


A bit about me:

I do this work because I know that everyone has the potential to grow, heal, and access their innate inner healing wisdom. I believe you have a intrinsic drive towards wellness and that you have internal intuitive insight to support you in your own health and healing. If you are presently struggling perhaps it is due to difficulty accessing your inner resources that, once accessed, will allow you to lead a harmonious internal and external life. 

As an IFS therapist, I am passionate about helping others heal and form a compassionate relationship with their inner world. I believe in the healing power of Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy and hope to support you in a transformational process. I am passionate about providing services to my clients with authenticity, lightheartedness, humor, and creativity.  With years of experience and a drive to ongoing learning and personal growth, I hope to work with you to access your inner resources, so that you feel more aligned with your true self.


I offer services for adults who want to live a more present and fulfilling life. I have a passion for helping adults navigate the difficulties of adulthood and all the challenges that come along during this exciting, yet stressful, period. I also love supporting other therapists and helpers to work through their blocks,  so that they can show up more for their clients. I offer a space that facilitates safety through acceptance, trust, & companionship with you. 

Lets get to know all aspects of your personality, heal deep wounds, uncover your inner wisdom, and support you in accessing your inner compassionate voice.

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If you have an emergency, are in crisis, have thoughts of suicide, self harm, or have a strong urge to harm someone else, please contact 9-1-1, a crisis line, or go to the nearest hospital 

You may also contact the Toronto Distress Centre at 416 408 HELP (4357), or text 45645.

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