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If the challenges that life has thrown your way have begun to impact your health and balance, perhaps is time to reach out for support. We will work together to empower you to heal through 1:1 IFS sessions personalized to your individual goals.

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You are remarkable and are choosing to help others heal. I want to thank you for choosing to hold compassion and space for others. Being in a helping role can activate many aspects of your system and it is important to attend to and heal your own system so that you can be more Self Led in the helping role you hold with your clients. Lets work together in 1:1 IFS sessions to heal and hold compassion to your own system, so that you can be of service to others in the best way. 

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Access support, guidance, and learning to integrating IFS in your practice through engaging in 1:1 consultation or group consultation

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Facilitated through IFSCA engage in a 16 week comprehensive IFS Course for practitioners. The Stepping Stones course introduces the model of Internal Family Systems (IFS) through didactic teaching, experiential learning, practice groups, and group consultation.

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Life is busy and often we just don't have a lot of time. To make services more accessible I offer virtual sessions to accommodate your busy schedule.


Virtual services are provided via video using JaneApp, which is a secure, web-based practice management system to store and manage client records and facilitate virtual services. This includes client appointments, billing, documents, notes, contact details and all client-related information.

To learn more about JaneApp please visit or



Feel free to reach out today for a free 15 minute phone consult with me. I will answer any questions you have regarding the process and get an understanding of your presenting concerns.


Mon- Fri 10am- 8pm

100 King Street West Suite 5700

Toronto, Ontario, M5X 1C7

Tel: 647-250-7769

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