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IFS Consultation


Engage in supportive individual or group consultation to empower you in deepening, applying, and embodying IFS in your theraputic practice. Gain support to expand your understanding of IFS & enhance your practical application of IFS in a safe community of fellow healers. My intention is to guide you in amplifying your skills and elevating your practice.

Consultation supports you in getting unstuck by understanding your own Practitioner Parts, engaging in case discussion, and accessing personalized guidance to support you in your IFS practice. I hope to support you in integrating IFS into your practice, as I know this can often feel like a dauting and difficult task. I hope to provide you with guidance through this new learning and be a fellow journeyer with you as you realize the healing that is accessible to you and your clients through this model.

Group Consultation: offers you a supportive collaborative circle of other like minded professionals to learn and grow with. With 4 participants in a group you will engage in case consultation, elaborate on IFS concepts, & explore IFS application. Group consultations are held every other week for 90 minutes, with six sessions per term.  Group consultations can be a lovely way to learn and develop professionally. 

Individual Consultation offers a more intimate and focused space for your unique needs in 50 minute sessions. 

Note: Sign up for the interest list to stay informed by subscribing here 

*These Consultation sessions are not for the purposes of certification with IFS-I and are Kelsey Feinstein is not an IFS-I Approved Clinical Consultant*

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