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All relationships are essential for healthy development. Humans are naturally relational beings and require relationships for optimal wellness. Almost all of what we do daily involves relationships. Whether it is a partner, child, parent, in-laws, siblings, friends, neighbors, boss or co-worker we are constantly navigating relationships. Our relationships often help us in times of distress and help us to navigate challenges in life. Unfortunately, sometimes our relationships cause us pain and confusion, and complications arise. Sometimes our relationships can become strained and difficult, be in jeopardy, or cause more distress. Sessions will help to repair relationships, understand relational dynamics and create stronger bonds in relationships by addressing boundaries and communication.

Intimate Relationships/Couples

Are you and your partner feeling disconnected? Are you struggling to express your needs? Are you feeling uncertain about how to move forward with your partner? Do you feel unnoticed or unheard?


Intimate Relationships are especially tricky. All relationships come with ups and downs. Relationships become even more challenging when communication breaks down or when conflict is left unresolved.  In session the focus will be on repairing the relationship by enhancing the emotional bond between you and your partner, increasing emotional safety, de-escalating negative interactional patterns, and restructuring the emotional bond. 


Sessions focus on the patterns that exist in the relationship and how they affect each partner. Sessions will assist you in understanding each other’s needs and responding to each other in a more compassionate manner.

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Toronto, Ontario, M5X 1C7  

 Tel: 647 250 7769

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