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Caregiver Support 

Caregiver Support

Children often struggle with school refusal, behavioral concerns, and heightened energy. Just like us these behavioural symptom are Protective of unmet needs that are under the presenting behaviors.


Through sessions we explore the possible Protective functions of these behaviors, as it is my belief that all children can succeed, and that all behaviors have a purpose and function.


In session, you will learn how to best support your child through Emotion Focused Family Therapy Strategies. We will also explore your own childhood and Caregiver Blocks/Parts that may be presenting in your role as a caregiver today through using Internal Family Systems Informed work. I will support you working through your Caregiver Blocks and understanding your own Protective Parts so that you can be a more Self Led Caregiver, unblend from Protective Parts and heal wounded Parts that are impacting the strong presentation of your Protective Parts!


 We will work to help you become a more Self Led Caregiver!

100 King Street West Suite 5700

Toronto, Ontario, M5X 1C7  

 Tel: 647 250 7769

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